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from £2.28

Charger cable set with three plugs: USB-C connector with two connectors: Lightning and standard USB. Each cable is approximately 5,5 cm long and attaches to an oval holder with opening (Ø 1,8 cm).

from £2.31

Plastic 3-in-1 charging cable with USB, USB-C and Lightning plug. The key holder has an interior LED light and is suitable for laser engraving.

from £2.41

USB-C charging cable with steel key ring. Including two connectors: standard USB and micro USB.

from £2.50

Charging cable and phone stand with a combination of a micro USB, Lightning and USB-C plugs

from £3.77

Colour-Pop charging cable with case. The 4-in-1 Charging cable in case with 2 type C, 1 USB type A and 2-in-1 dual compatible tip for both Apple iOS and Android devices. Both charging and data transferring. To charge Apple devices put the cable with the side that has no pins in the device, to charge Android devices put the cable with the side that has pins in the device. ABS Plastic.

from £4.87

Solid white cuboid wireless phone charger supplied with a USB cable. Will charge most QI enabled devices.

from £5.34

Wireless QI mobile phone charger supplied with a USB cable and complete with black silicone ring. Will charge most QI enabled devices.

from £5.48

Wireless charger with USB and micro USB ports.

from £5.52

Our bestselling Octopus cable now re-engineered as a bio-degradable eco incentive. The Eco Octopus is made using RPET cables and a biodegradable plastic body. The USB input connects to three different outputs providing an environmentally responsible way to charge any device. Supplied in customisable FSC packaging, the Eco Octopus is ideal for use at home, in your car, on the move or on vacation - this flexible charging cable is a must-have accessory for anyone.  

from £5.72

Biodegradable, reliable, useful, kind and always ready to go! Just like a real-life buddy, the buddy cable is here for you whenever you need it! Connect all your essential devices using the USB, USB-C, or Lightning connectors and the flex-coil cable doubles as a keychain! Take your Buddy wherever you go!

from £6.66

The original Mr. Bio continues to provide customers with an amazing eco cable solution, and now Mr. Bio wheat gives even more for your brand and the environment.A durable and reliable cable solution for any gadget user, two position branding area on the front and reverse and the components are either made from Dupont Tyvek (legs) or Wheat composite (body), so that when Mr. Bio is older he will bio-degrade much quicker.

from £7.13

Plastic wireless charger and phone stand. The charging pad is adjustable in height. Stand is suitable for both portrait and landscape mode. Rechargeable via micro USB port. Input: 5V2A/9V2A, output: 5V1.3A/9V1.2A.



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