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from £2.28

USB charging cable set in plastic case. Includes a mobile phone standard. The cable has a USB, USC-C and micro USB connector. The micro USB connector can be flipped to use as Lightning connector. Length of the cable: approx. 24 cm.

from £2.34

Troop 3-in-1 charging cable. The Troop 3-in-1 charging cable features a USB type C tip and a 2-in-1 dual compatible tip for both Apple® iOS and Android devices. It has a carabiner clip to easily hook on your bag. ABS Plastic.

from £3.77

One 4-in-1 cable. A 4-in-1 cable that covers all charging needs in one package. It features a USB type A, Type-C, and a 2-in-1 tip that is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. It can be used for charging and data transfer. Comes with a keychain and has magnets for convenient carrying. ABS Plastic.

from £3.83

3-in-1 charging cable with carabiner. Type-C and 2-in-1 tip (compatible with Micro USB and iOS output). Supports 2A max current. When decorated with laser engraving the logo will light up and shine. ABS Plastic, Metal.

from £4.44

Wireless charging pad with coloured body and black circle on the top side. The bottom has an anti-slip strip. Includes a charging cable (USB - micro USB). Input DC5V, 1500mA.

from £4.52

Stylish and high quality charging cable with braided nylon. USB-C to USB-C including support for Power Delivery (PD) and data transmission. Current up to 5A. Comes with cable tie for easy organization. Delivered in a premium kraft paper box with a colourful sticker. Aluminium, Nylon.

from £4.53

Jinn 2200 mAh power bank with rubber finish. This compact power bank with a 2200 mAh battery, packs enough power to fully charge a smartphone. When charging the power bank, the red colour LED indicator light flashes. When charging a device, the indicator light will turn blue. USB cable included. . Rubber.

from £4.72

4-in-1 Charging cable set with a hook. The set has a USB, USB-C, micro USB, and Lightning plug. After laser engraving, the logo lights up when the cable is in use.

from £4.75

4 in 1 Combination cable featuring USB with iPhone lightning, micro USB and USB C cables.

from £5.08

5W wireless charging pad made of wheat straw plastic material mixed together, reducing the amount of plastic needed. To charge a device without wireless technology, an external wireless charging receiver or receiver case is required.

from £6.51

Radiant light-up logo wireless charging pad. The Radiant light-up logo wireless charging pad allows smartphone charging without the use of cables. Supports wireless charging up to 1A for devices that have wireless charging functionality. For devices that don?t support wireless charging, an external wireless charging receiver or receiver case is required. Including Micro USB charging cable. It works with most plastic phone cases on. This item must be laser engraved to reveal the light-up function. ABS Plastic.

from £6.75

Wireless charging pad made of real bamboo and allows for smartphone charging without cables. For charging the iPhone series before iPhone 8 (that has wireless technology), an external wireless charging receiver or receiver case is required.



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